Sunday, January 16, 2011

Getting lost

1/11/11  Did I tell you the story where Elder Davis and I left the mission on my third day here? If not here it is. So Elder Davis had leadership training in Carlsbad the third day I was here, so I was on an exchange while he was at the training meeting. But when we were driving back home, we were practice teaching, so Elder Davis wasn't paying to much attention to where we were. But as we are driving we got off the freeway, onto another freeway, then got off that one onto another freeway! So he was really lost, and I of course had no idea where we were. So we stopped in a neighborhood to call and get directions, when all of the sudden an airplane flies really close to the ground, and at this point Elder Davis realizes where we are and gets scared and nervous, cause we were close to the San Diego airport, which isn't a little bit out of our mission, it's way out of our mission. But we finally got home safe and sound, and first thing Elder Davis did was call Pres. Cook to tell him. So as he was telling President Cook, Pres. Cook was just laughing and laughing, so he wasn't angry, and was just glad we were home safe.
I enjoyed hearing about yours and dad's experiences with Shawn's parents. I wish I could have been there, but I'd still rather be out here. Tell them I said Ni-hao and biah suh (White? Black? what color is that?) Everything is going really awesome out here so far. We have three people with baptisimal dates, and one of them are for sure going to be baptized but the other too, either they don't answer their phone, or they might have a problem following the commandments. But we are praying and working hard to keep them commited to their dates. Thank you for the letters, it's like Christmas when I get letters out here. Anyways everything is great out here, I am still learning, but also learning more and more each day.  I also think it's awesome that you are studying preach my gospel. If there'e anything that has helped me learn more quickly, it's Preach My Gospel. I am going to send you a copy of my wards, ward mission plan. It's really awesome, and well thought out, and I think you will really enjoy it!

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