Monday, December 13, 2010

First letter!

I thought I'd use the time on my first night to write you guys and tell you how everything is going on my first day in the MTC. This place is awesome! Since I first walked in the doors I felt the spirit. It felt good to get my name badge and finally have proof that I am a missionary. My companion is from Utah and has a southern accent. He is a cool guy. He's feeling really home sick and wants to go home.  I haven't started to feel home sick or anything, because I know that this is where I am meant to be right now. I am a shy person, but during classes and stuff I have no problem talking about spiritual stuff, and I know Heavenly Father is blessing me with that. I think that's it for now, everything is new and exciting! I love you guys and thank  you SO much for raising me to be good. You guys are good parents, for reals. Tell everyone else I'm doing amazing and that I love them all! Bye! Elder Kevin Ellsworth.

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  1. The Church is true! Kevin, you are exactly where you should be at this time of your life.
    It will be hard, but you will recieve the help you need through prayer A mission is awesome and rewarding. You are a valiant son of God and your whole family is proud of you and praying for your noble effort to bring the gospel to the people in the Carlsbad area.
    Love You, G-ma A.